What’s your story?

I have to know…who are you?

I seem to have the song Who Are You by The Who on my mind. Whether you’re about to go into business with a new client or start working with a new vendor or employee – the question that floats around your mind might be, “What’s their story?” or “Who are they?” How can you connect with a new colleague or business associate right away? Once you break the ice and get to know one another, even just a little, you are immediately more comfortable.

Let's dive in - here's a little about me, the Chief Creative at Infinite Owl. Who am I? It’s a simple and yet a loaded question that would take years to properly answer but I hope (for this blog’s purpose) that you walk away with at least a small sense of who I am.

1. Why design?
I’ve always been a creative person. Plain and simple, I love it. Being able to express yourself is a big thing for me. I do that through drawing, designing, talking, breathing… A big misconception is that design requires loads of training and only artists need apply. To be a graphic designer in marketing: yes, you need some formal training and some talent but there is creativity in everything we do. We are all unique people, and I like to remind myself of that daily. Cooking is an art; getting dressed is an art; writing an email is an art; juggling my life and social calendar is an art. Back in my student years when I attended Simmons College, I found that the communication graphic design courses allowed me to explore all facets of life’s daily art. So, why design? Because it’s who I am at this point in my life.

2. What do you find interesting?
My favorite thing to do is people watch. People are the most interesting thing on this planet. We are all so different and how we interact with one another is fascinating. Translating people’s feelings, interactions and relationships in my work is always a personal challenge for me. If you don’t put people into everything that you do, whether that’s designing, writing, or general marketing… then what’s the point? Your work shows when you leave those elements out. Ironically enough, the new coined marketing term is “human to human” (H2H) marketing… why in the world was it ever anything other than that?!

3. What do you value most?
I value my personal relationships the most. It is a blessing, or a curse. My “friend groups” are different parts of my broader family. I can say anything to members of my immediate family and they will still love me; my aunts guide me though life’s journey while my cousins bring the fun. Even in my working environment, I consider everyone at Infinite Owl to be family – from our partners to our customers, we are a part of a community trying to achieve something better. I love helping customers achieve their goals. Just like when I cheer-on my soccer-playing cousins: a goal is always a win for the whole team and in my case, for the whole family. 

4.  What do you find inspirational?
I find other artists to be inspirational. I love seeing what others are doing to help people. It inspires me to be authentic and to help my customers be authentic as well. For example, I have always liked the work of M/M Paris, who are unapologetically who they are. I also admire Jessica Walsh and Kate Moross, who are amazing women in the industry. They are paving their own way and that’s what motivated me to step outside my corporate America job and work at Infinite Owl.

5. Why marketing?
I have a restless soul. I wouldn’t be satisfied doing ONLY logo designs, or icons, or websites, or videos… I want to do them all. I love the design process, from strategy to execution. Marketing is a great outlet where I can test my boundaries and work on a little of everything. I love how I am still discovering new things every day.

6. One item you wish to one day complete on your bucket list.
Don’t judge me but I would really like to charter a yacht one day. Not just any yacht: a Captain Lee yacht. I am a little obsessed with Bravo TV’s, Below Deck and I would love to be a guest on the show.

7. After all that… who are you?
I am a stalker of people who likes yachts and eclectic designers; and someone who spends way too much time with people I consider family. Kidding aside, I am a creative person trying to help those around me express themselves and achieve success in their hopes and dreams. I hope I am the person who helps inspire those around me to be kind to others and fearlessly creative as well.

Be kind to one another, 
Even in your dreams.