20 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names

#2- Developed various ideas

Photo Credit: Marialuisa Curran

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We came up with our business name by first writing down about a million ideas: words that resonated, things we love, people we admire, traits we considered reflective of our vision and mission, and attributes we aspired to showcase. We wanted to be conceptual and no so literal about our service offerings. We also wanted to be flexible as our business grows and diversifies. It needed to ring, be meaningful, and flow off the tongue. This is why we went through so many ideas and concepts before landing on a word that we knew we wanted to use: a word that embodies something solid and everlasting, Infinite. Then we paired it with a cool icon that represents wisdom and agility, Owl. My partner and I joked about being night owls so it all came together to become Infinite Owl Marketing and Design Studio, our full-service marketing agency for content and creative strategy and execution.

Thanks to Marialuisa Curran, Infinite Owl Marketing and Design Studio!

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